Lending is the new spending

The Guelph Tool Library is a lending library of tools where you can borrow tools
for food preparation, food preservation, gardening, renovation, arts, etc.


By purchasing an annual membership of $40, you can have access to our full inventory and can borrow up to 10 tools for a period of one week. Membership can be purchased through the "Sign Up" section of our website or in person at the Guelph Tool Library during our opening hours.

Some other projects of the Guelph Tool Library are Repair Cafes, which are run bi-monthly as well as a wide variety of workshops and training sessions. We are always looking for new ways to collaborate with the community.



55 Wyndham Street North (Old Quebec Street Shoppes), Unit T8, Guelph, ON N1H 7T8

Phone:  226 501 5472

E-mail: info@guelphtoollibrary.org

Operating Hours

Tuesday 4-8
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 4-8
Saturday CLOSED

COVID-19 Operating Policies & Procedures

Members are expected to pick up and return tools during open hours. Hours may be subject to change without notice. Late fees incurred as a result of these changes will be waived.

 Our program schedule is now completely virtual, and we offer events 3 times per week on a variety of platforms. View our full calendar of events!



Our Vision...

A world where communities find joy in sharing.
Our mission is to build community resilience by engaging its members in sharing knowledge, skills and resources.

Tool libraries loan specialized tools for both experienced and inexperienced community members who are interested in repair, maintenance and building projects. Local tool libraries reduce the costs of improving and greening neighbourhoods, thereby transforming homes and community spaces into vibrant places that reflect a commitment to sustainability and environmental concern. Over 100 tool libraries have been established in North America since 1979. As a member of the Guelph Tool Library, members sign-out tools for both their home and community initiatives. Whether you are hanging a picture or renovating a community park, the Tool Library offers a range of equipment for your project as a low-cost, resource sharing and space-saving alternative to purchasing and owning tools. The Guelph Tool Library started as a project of Transition Guelph in 2016 and became an Incorporated Not-For-Profit Organization as of August 2019. It provides access to a collection of tools commonly used in community agriculture and do-it-yourself construction projects for an annual membership fee ($40.00).

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