Susan Carey

Tool Library and Seed Library Coordinator

Susan is a advocate of backyard food production, seed rights and the circular economy. She enjoys camping, embroidery, contemporary art museums, British TV and gardening. Late at night, while the city sleeps, she is the Coordinator of the Guelph Seed Library.

Steph Clarke

Sustainability Initiative Coordinator

Steph is the Sustainable Initiatives Coordinator. With a background in art and costume design, and a passion for social change, Steph enjoys providing creative, hands-on programs that teach practical skills for waste reduction and sustainable living.

Claire Cowan

Tool Library Coordinator

Claire is an entrepreneur in the agricultural industry and is an active Guelphite. She is an avid outdoorswoman and a mediocre handywoman. She loves hearing about people’s projects when she’s volunteering as a tool librarian and will eagerly share her sewing and camping adventures with anyone willing to listen.

Emily Duncan

Tool Library Coordinator

Emily enjoys building sustainable communities through volunteer work and social activism. Emily is a graduate student at UofG focusing on food systems and agriculture.

John Dennis

Tool Library Coordinator

John’s passion is finding a new home for unwanted items or exploring how to share resources that often are overlooked or wasted. You will often find John at the Tool Library fixing broken tools or driving around town picking up donations.

Saba Saneinejad

Tool Library and Repair Cafe Coordinator

Saba is passionate about sharing skills and resources, reducing waste and sustainable living. Her career as an engineer brought her to Guelph in April 2014. Saba also coordinates our popular Repair Cafe events.

Meredith Sweeney

Tool Library Coordinator

Meredith is a local urban farmer and community advocate who coordinates the Backyard Caring Program and GROW Community Garden. With a background in education, she loves to teach workshops and share skills with others, in her spare time she runs Zero Waste Guelph, a group that supports living a plastic-free lifestyle in the community.

Thirza Armstrong

Tool Library Coordinator

Thirza is a connector, curator, and collector of experiences and ideas (and things). With a jack-of-all trades like experience in a variety of fields, Thirza helps with operations and hosts the GTL’s podcast, The Crow’s Nest. Thirza is passionate about living self-sufficiently and waste-free. They’re obsessed with garbage and will take anything if it means saving it from a landfill. Please don’t ask them though as she’s been banned from bringing any more home. In their spare time, they work on their school bus tiny home, Espe.

Michaela Rye

COVID Outreach Assistant

Michaela Rye is the COVID Outreach Assistant. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Library and Information Sciences. She has a background in working with maker spaces. She loves to bake and has an interest in the low waste movement.