Our Team

Steering Committee

The heart of the Guelph Tool Library (GTL) are our Volunteer Coordinators.  As we are almost exclusively a volunteer driven organization and do not have an Executive Director,  the Steering Committee runs the day to day operations of the GTL.  The Steering Committee is made up of Volunteer Coordinators who run subcommittees and projects.   The Steering Committee meets eight times a year during the months that the Board does not meet.  We work by consensus and each member of the Steering Committee has an equal say in the operation of the GTL.


The Guelph Tool Library Board (Board) is a governance board and provides oversight to the Steering Committee. This model operates as a whole, using one voice and rarely works with committees.  The Steering Committee is given a very clear scope and role as well as limits about what they can undertake.  The main emphasis of the board is on policy development and oversight.   The Board meets quarterly and each Board members is expected to complete a 2 year term which is renewable once.  The Board is made up of members of the Steering Committee and friends and supporters of the Guelph Tool Library.