Steering Committee

Susan Carey

Tool Library and Seed Library Coordinator

Susan is a advocate of backyard food production, seed rights and the circular economy. She enjoys camping, embroidery, contemporary art museums, British TV and gardening. Late at night, while the city sleeps, she is the Coordinator of the Guelph Seed Library.

Steph Clarke

Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Steph has worn a number of hats at the Guelph Tool Library since 2017. With a background in art and costume design, and a passion for social change, Steph enjoys providing creative, hands-on programs that teach practical skills for waste reduction and sustainable living, and helping the Guelph Tool Library expand and grow to support a hyper-local circular economy.

Claire Cowan

Tool Library Coordinator

Claire is an entrepreneur in the agricultural industry and is an active Guelphite. She is an avid outdoorswoman and a mediocre handywoman. She loves hearing about people’s projects when she’s volunteering as a tool librarian and will eagerly share her sewing and camping adventures with anyone willing to listen.

Emily Duncan

Tool Library Coordinator

Emily enjoys building sustainable communities through volunteer work and social activism. Emily is a graduate student at UofG focusing on food systems and agriculture.

John Dennis

Tool Library Coordinator

John’s passion is finding a new home for unwanted items or exploring how to share resources that often are overlooked or wasted. You will often find John at the Tool Library fixing broken tools or driving around town picking up donations.

Saba Saneinejad

Tool Library and Repair Café Coordinator

Saba is passionate about sharing skills and resources, reducing waste and sustainable living. Her career as an engineer brought her to Guelph in April 2014. Saba also coordinates our popular Repair Café events.

Siyobin 1

Siyobin Blanco

Volunteer Coordinator

Siyobin Blanco is a well-respected and award-winning multidisciplinary dancer, activist, community organizer, Reiki Master, Accessibility Board Member and now the Volunteer Coordinator of Guelph Tool Library! She is a queer person of colour with an invisible disability. She uses all of her avenues of creativity as a platform for social justice, representation of intersectionality and healing. She also runs Feminist Events by Siyobin, a Guelph-based event planning organization that is dedicated to dismantling the patriarchy through an intersectional feminist approach. She was honoured to receive the “Guelph Queerator of Arts & Culture Award” from the Guelph Pride Committee for this work. Siyobin aims to create more inclusive spaces while supporting and celebrating marginalized creatives, organizations and business owners. This year she is celebrating 20 years of being a part of Guelph’s vibrant community 

Rodney Atta-Konadu

Tool Library Coordinator

Rodney is a renewable energy enthusiast and has contributed to the promotion of sustaining living and agriculture through the installation of  non conventional energy sources. He’s an amateur musician and loves outdoor activities, including hiking, biking and camping.  Rodney also has keen interest in cosmology. 

IMG 20220304 124906999 2

Allison Purdy

Tool Library Coordinator

Allison has enjoyed volunteering for the GTL since she joined the Guelph community for school in 2019. She especially enjoys organizing the library shelves as part of the inventory team. Her favourite part of the GTL is hearing about all the neat projects completed by our members and learning about new tools from members with expertise!! 

Xandine Arnott

Circular Store Manager

Xandine is a highly compassionate non-binary individual with over 10 years of experience with non-profit events and second-hand retail. Xan’s key passions are in community access programs and zero waste initiatives. This means they will do everything they can to build bridges between the Circular Store and the Community, to ensure donations go to where they are needed most- be it to community care organizations for use, into the hands of our valued customers, or even to local artists for upcycling!

Maya 1

Maya Helferty

Strategic Development Assistant

Maya is passionate about building interdependent communities through mutual aid and solidarity. They love working with children and animals, as well as singing, writing, dancing, drawing, and making pottery. They are excited to use their background in organizational change to support the Guelph Tool Library.

Past Coordinators

  • Thirza Armstrong
  • Lisa Conroy
  • Brandon Kidd
  • Emily Aimola
  • Meredith Sweeney