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Big news at the Guelph Tool Library


“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Robert Swan, Author


As we enter a new season in 2018, the Guelph Tool Library is also entering a new season itself. As we grow, we have acquired a strong team of coordinators and volunteers. With that team we have been given the chance to expand and create some big changes in our community. The Guelph Tool Library has been granted an Ontario Trillium Foundation Seed Grant! With this grant, we are pleased to be able to offer monthly programming over the next year with a focus on waste reduction and sustainable practices.

These workshops will range from hands on activities like furniture refinishing and clothing repair, to round-table discussions about alternative housing solutions, and waste management at all levels. In an effort to keep these workshops affordably priced, sliding-scale rates will be offered, with some free sessions available. We will also be hosting at least half of our workshops in fully accessible spaces throughout the city of Guelph.

Our program coordinator, Steph Clarke, is looking forward to seeing new and old faces around the tool library. Steph was our tool library manager from December 2017 to April of this year, as part of the Job Creation Partnership program. She is excited to return with a focus on creating exciting programs that engage her community.

“At the tool library, everything is about sharing. We share ideas, skills, and tools to connect and strengthen our community. Being a part of that is really special. Helping the tool library grow during my first work term was so rewarding. The next year is set to be a very thrilling learning experience for me, and for my community”

Check out for all the exciting programs added for September!

As a part of her first week on the job, Steph will be keeping a “trash diary” to take a frank look at the waste she creates in an average week. By doing this, she can see where she needs to make big and small changes in her habits, and she will be able to share her journey with all of us!


Follow along with her journey to less-waste on, or check back next week for her first update!

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