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Transition Guelph project seeking funding for new “Creator Kits” to help bring unique ideas to life


Launched in conjunction with Giving Tuesday, we are  looking to raise $2,500 in order to add a series of specialty kits to our inventory. These kits will allow users to carry out special interest projects such as podcasting, video production, robotics, and backyard chicken hatching.


At the Guelph Tool Library, we currently have an inventory of over 500 unique tools, including kitchen appliances, party supplies, arts and crafts resources, gardening equipment, renovation tools, and more. We also host Repair Cafés to repair your broken items, and offer courses to help you learn about tool usage, waste reduction, food production, and more.

In 2017, we ran a crowdfunding campaign to facilitate our move to Tytler School. Since the relocation, our member base has almost tripled, and we have increased our hours and capacity run programs and connect with the community.


With our Indiegogo campaign funds, we hope to acquire the following “Creator Kits”:

YouTube creator kit -EOS Rebel SL2 camera, SanDisk 64 GB, VideoMicro compact on-camera microphone, GorillaPod SLR-Zoom 7 Ballhead stand
Podcaster kit -HPM1000 stereo headphone with mini jack and 6.3 mm adapter, XENYX502 channel studio mixer with XLR input/microphone preamplifier, UCA200, XM8500, UCA200 – 22 I/O USB audio interface with hardwired USB cable, Table microphone tripod
Incubator kit – A kit to hatch various types of bird eggs
GoPro kit – GoPro Hero 5, Tripod, Selfie stick, Sandisk memory card, Carrying case
Robot kit – Robot, USB charging cord, Two building brick connectors, Documentation


When asked about this next step for the Guelph Tool Library, coordinator John Dennis writes:

Most of our inventory has been donated but we are looking to expand our offerings.  This campaign is to target and purchase items that we thought would be great additions to our inventory but unlikely to be donated.
We are always looking for ideas and inspiration for our collection.  The idea of “maker kits” came from our friends at the Wellington County Library and the Portland Tool Library.
We are always looking for new and innovative ways to serve our members.  The maker kits are a new way for our tools to be used.

These kits hope to increase the creative capacity of the citizens of Guelph, and remove financial barriers between inspiration and the realization of big ideas. Starting on Tuesday, November 27th, people will be able to support this campaign by placing a pledge, with tiers starting at $10 for tool library branded swag, discounted memberships for $30, $50 for a bundle that includes swag and a membership, and $500 for a year’s worth of courses, a GTL t-shirt and tote bag, and a 2-year membership. Please share widely on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram