Donate Money

Through our shop you can donate money or buy one of the items on our wish list for us!

You can also purchase pending memberships. Money from pending memberships will go into a fund to help subsidize the cost of annual memberships for people who might not be able to afford it. Pending memberships are at heart of the lending economy. Check it out!

Become a supporting sponsor. Do you recognize the value of the Guelph Tool Library to our community? Would you like to make an annual gift to help us with operating costs? Please contact us directly and visit our Sponsors & Donors page to learn more about existing sponsors.

Donate Time

There are a number of ways you can donate your time and volunteer with the Guelph Tool Library.

Become a volunteer at the Guelph Tool Library or at one of our many projects. See our volunteer opportunities.

Offer to host/organize a membership drive in your neighbourhood. You don’t need our permission to do this, but if you’d like some pamphlets, etc. to have at your membership drive, or you’d like one of us to show up and answer questions, just email us. All you need for your membership drive is an internet connection and a group of would-be members. Membership enrollment and payment are entirely online.

We’re looking for folks to help us expand our hours of operation. If you’d like to spend a few hours checking tools in and out, cataloguing and photographing our ever-expanding collection, and making new friends just let us know. We’d be happy to have you!

Or, if you have special skills you’d like to offer in anyway, just shoot us an email!

Donate Tools

We’re always looking for donations of gently used tools of some description or another. We’re interested in any tool that you can use to:

  • fix
  • farm
  • cook
  • bake
  • preserve
  • build
  • landscape
  • and more!

We also have a small and selective collection of how-to and cookbooks that you might consider adding to.

Alternately, buy us some new tools by purchasing an item on our wish list. Just search our shop for “wish list” and you’ll see what you’d be welcome to buy for us and all of our members.