November 17, 2018

Good Call Cellphone Recycling Program

The Guelph Tool Library, a Transition Guelph Project, is starting a new program to recycle cell phones around Guelph. Good Call will be collecting cell phones around Guelph to recycle.

Broken and older cell phones will go to the Toronto Zoo for recycling through their Phone Apes Recycling Program. The Toronto Zoo recycles cell phones as it helps to protect habitat for Lowland Gorillas. The mineral coltan, which is processed to tantalum, is a vital element in almost all cell phones and the mining of coltan puts pressure on the gorillas’ habitat. By recycling old cell phones, tantalum can be re-used; lessening the demand to mine pure coltan.

Newer, working cell phones will be serviced and distributed by Repair Cafe Guelph volunteers and given to those that are in need of new cell phones. Chalmers Community Services Centre and Lakeside Hope House have offered to redistribute phones once they become available.

Starting on December 5, locations to drop off cell phones include the three Planet Bean Coffee Shops, 10C Shared Space, Grange Hill East Neighbourhood Group, the offices of John F Ross CVI, GCVI, and Centennial CVI, and the Guelph Tool Library.

Before donating your mobile devices please ensure that the account for the device has been fully paid and service has been deactivated.  Also remove the SIM card, if there is one, and clear off all personal information. This is a great site with instructions on how to wipe your device.

The Good Call Program is kicking off on December 5 at the Bookshelf Cinema with a showing of, Terra Blight, an eye-opening documentary that examines the global problem of e-waste. After the movie, a speaker from the Toronto Zoo will answer questions about the Phone Apes™ Recycling Program.

Tickets are $20 at the Guelph Tool Library and through Eventbrite.

All proceeds will go to support the program.