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IKEA Commercial Reflects Changing Ideas


At the Guelph Tool Library and Repair Café Guelph, we are often telling our story and how concerned we are about the “throw away” mindset that is constantly advertised.  So, we were delighted to see the new IKEA Commercial that takes a positive spin on recycling.

Spike Jones directed the famous and funny Ikea Lamp Commercial that ends with the spokesperson saying “Many of you feel bad for this lamp. That is because you’re crazy. It has no feelings! And the new one is much better.”  While the commercial itself was amusing, the underlying message, throw away a perfectly good working lamp and buy something new, was terrible.

Well IKEA states on their webpage that “Times are changing, and so are we. We always strive to make the most of our products – that includes putting an old spin on an iconic commercial from 2002”.  IKEA has redone the commercial almost shot for shot and this time the lamp is taken from the trash into the house. The commercial recognizes the value of the item and is promoting reuse and recycling as a positive action.

 We at the Guelph Tool Library and Repair Café Guelph applaud this idea by IKEA and hope that more companies follow this lead. 

John Dennis – Guelph Tool Library Coordinator

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