Circular Computer Project

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Welcome to the Circular Computer Project, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at promoting digital equity by refurbishing and redistributing used laptops to those in need. Our program operates on the principles of sustainability, community collaboration, and social impact. Through the combined efforts of businesses, volunteers, and local organizations, we strive to bridge the digital divide and empower individuals with access to essential technology.

About the Program

The Circular Computer Project is dedicated to accepting laptops from businesses, which are then serviced and tested by our team of volunteers. By re-purposing these pre-owned laptops, we extend their lifecycle, reduce electronic waste, and ensure that valuable resources are given a new life.

Distribution Partners

Our laptops are distributed through the careful coordination of the Digital Equity Coalition, a group of individuals committed to promoting equal access to technology. Past recipients of our refurbished laptops include organizations such as the Guelph Community Health Centre Shelldale and Your Downtown Guelph Friends. Together, we are working towards creating a more inclusive and digitally connected community.

Woman receiving laptop at the Guelph Community Health Centre

About the Laptops We Collect

The Circular Computer Project accepts laptops that are between 3-5 years old and in good overall condition. We believe in providing quality technology to our recipients, ensuring that the devices we distribute meet their needs effectively. We are constantly evaluating our acceptance criteria to align with our mission and make a positive impact in the community.

Donations and Partnership

At present, we are not accepting public donations directly. However, we are actively seeking partnerships with businesses interested in contributing to our cause. By becoming a business partner, you can play a vital role in promoting digital equity and helping us expand our impact. 

Join us in the Circular Computer Project, where laptops find a new purpose, communities thrive, and digital equity becomes a reality. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Contact Us

For further information or inquiries regarding the Circular Computer Project, please feel free to reach out to us at We appreciate your interest and support in our mission.