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The Guelph Tool Library welcomes the Living Better on Less Program as a new outreach program.  The program stated at the Church of the Apostles in 2008 as a response to the housing crisis.  The 6-week program was developed to teach participants about having less of an environmental impact and ways to optimize living on a fixed budget.  The partnership builds on the work that we did together in 2021 to keep the program running when pandemic restrictions prevented the use of the church for gatherings and meetings. 

The Living Better on Less Program is currently presenting working on two new modules.  A module for seniors is supported by a New Horizons for Seniors Grant and will be delivered at the Elliot Community Centre in September.  A second module for youth is currently being developed in partnership with Wyndham House.  

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Upcoming Events

Living Better On Less (For Seniors)

A FREE 6 week workshop series, Fridays 2:30-4:30 Feb 2 – Mar 8,  Room 2, at the Evergreen Seniors’ Centre.

Join for discussions intended to inspire solutions for preparing nutritious and affordable meals, to tips around managing on less money, while also saving on energy and transportation. 

  • Feb 2: Get Active Around Downsizing Now – in a thoughtful and meaningful way!  

With professional organizers Sara Novak, and Alia Miller, as our featured guests.

  • Feb 9: Gold Star Recycling, The Art of Soil & Food From Home – and a special Bookworm appearance!

With Madeleine Myhill, Waste Program Coordinator, Compliance and Performance, Environmental Services, City of Guelph & Compost Queen Karen Houle as our featured guests.

  • Feb 16: Fraud Prevention – more examples and tips for avoiding financial scams!

With Guelph Police Service Detective Constable Laura Bernhardt  Investigative Services, Fraud Unit, Guelph Police Service

  • Feb 23:  Year-Round Gardening – Microgreens & Winter Sowing!

With Susan Carey of The Guelph Seed Library

  • Mar 1: Food as Medicine – Eating Healthy on Less Money 

With Guelph Community Health Centre Dietician Team

Living Better on Less for Seniors

Thanks to a New Horizons federal grant and an employment grant from Second Chance Employment, as well as other community partners, this six-week pilot series geared to seniors is off the ground and flying.  The first series ran October 17-November 21, 2023 at The Elliott Community, with active participation, sharing of expertise and questions in the group, weekly connection with others over refreshments.  The next series will run in the winter at Evergreen Seniors Centre from February 2 – March 8, 2024.

Topics geared to seniors such as fraud and elder abuse and normal versus abnormal aging and warning signs of dementia are addressed by guest speakers who are working in the field.  Other topics such as estate planning, eating healthy on a budget, and resources for grief and loss are also included.  The Living Better on Less for Seniors series is a wonderful opportunity to connect with others and counter isolation, to share experiences, and to bring questions. 

Living Better on Less for Youth

Living Better on Less for Youth is a new program that aims to teach youth in the city how to live better on less. Less means less money, but also means less waste and less of an environmental impact, all of which tend to go hand in hand. The program is six weeks long and each week is a new session that will use a hands-on approach and focus on a different topic that youth need more resources for or are struggling with. Some of these topics include health, mental health, finances and budgeting, taxes, employment opportunities, and nutrition. 

The youth version of this program is going to be run in partnership with Wyndham house who will provide the space for the program to run out of as well as the participants. The program is being created with an advisory committee made up of a few youth who will also benefit from the program but will act in a mentorship role throughout the sessions. This ensures that the way the program is delivered and the content of the sessions will be relevant and useful to the participants.