Repair Café House Rules

Terms and Conditions for Receiving Repair Café Service

(House Rules)

  • Visitors offering broken household items for repair do so at their own risk. Repair Café Guelph provides no guarantee for the outcomes of repairs carried out with the fixers’ help.
  • Fixers will help visitors to learn the repair process on items brought in. To the extent possible, the fixer will support the visitor to do the repair themselves, or fixer and visitor will conduct the repair together, or the fixer will demonstrate the fix-it process to the visitor.
  • Work carried out in the Repair Café is performed free of charge by individuals doing so entirely on a voluntary basis. A voluntary donation by visitors to Repair Café Guelph is appreciated to help sustain the operation of Repair Café Guelph.
  • In general, new replacement parts will not be provided by Repair Café Guelph.
  • Fixers are entitled to refuse to repair certain objects.
  • Visitors to the Repair Café are solely responsible for the tidy removal of items brought in that could not be repaired.
  • All safety procedures must be followed.

In signing submitting the intake form, I acknowledge and represent that I have read, understand, and have fully informed of myself the contents. I freely and voluntarily accept and expressly assume all risks, dangers, hazards that may arise from any activities that could result in personal injury, loss of life and/or property damage.