Repair Café continues during Covid-19

Due to the high demand in this program and the large number of items submitted for repair so far, we are going to put a pause on accepting new items until our volunteers go through the items submitted so far. We’ll open the form again for more submission at that point. Thanks for your understanding!

Thanks to a grant we have received from the Canadian Red Cross and the Guelph Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Community Response Fund and the City of Guelph’s Emergency Fund, we have funding to deliver your broken items to our volunteers, and they can fix them at the comfort of their homes. The program will start on January 15th and we are planning to do 60 repairs until end of July. Items that we accept for fixing include: electronics, small electrical appliances, computers, sewing machines, clothing and jewelry. Here is how it works.

  • fill in this intake form with details about your broken item;
  • after your broken item is approved, you are asked to bring it to the Guelph Tool Library during our open hours;
  • we will deliver your item to one of our volunteers for fixing and will pick it up from them and bring it back to GTL once it’s fixed;
  • you’ll be notified when your item is fixed and you can pick it up from the GTL during our open hours

Please note that depending on availability of our volunteer fixers, it could take a couple of weeks for your item to be fixed. We are going to accept one item per person for now for fixing. Depending on the demand, we might choose to accept more than one item;

Please read our house rules before participating in this Repair Café.

This is a free service, but similar to our regular Repair Cafes donations are always appreciated. You can donate cash here.