November 11, 2016

Sponsors & Donors

Major Sponsors


We owe a tremendous thanks to all of our supporters and sponsors who have contributed financially and with tool donations and labour to help us launch successfully. We have both government and corporate supporters. See our lists below to learn about our Donors and Sponsors. If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us to learn about sponsorship opportunities.

Do you have extra tools that are not being used? Give them a second life at the Guelph Tool Library.   As a member you can come any time to borrow them.  We accept tools on-site at 131 Ontario Street during opening hours.  We also do pick-ups; please contact us to make arrangements. Below is a list of our individual donors. Thank you one and all!

Current Donors...

Kathy Dunseith

Patrick Vole

Mary Ann Robinson

Susan Henderson

Patrick Andres

Sidney Sproule

(in memory of Eric Jarvis)

Dr. Don McGhee

Chuck Reece

Ken Chase

Joyce A.

Melissa Newell

Direct Save Promotion

Rick McCoy

Trish Stover

Donna Jennison

Lisa M.

Vicki Taylor-Scott

Scott Williams

Ben Harper

Stewart Bowland

Jeff Overton

William Chatworthy

Dan Wazonek

Alisha Arnold Cino

John Aldham

In memory of Frank Kachel

Victoria Betts

Christopher Zimmermann

Norm Greensmith

Dorothy Wilkie

Michael Sizer 

Tim Catherwood

Kelly Legge

Chris Moulton

Karen Andrews

P. Brian Skerrett

Chris Johnson

David Beaton

Paula Maggiolo Plante

Kelly Smith

Lisa Conroy

Mike Barber

Susan Henderson


Scott McWhinnie

Kevin Klein

Mansell's Drywall CO.

Casey Wolfe 

Paul A.

Elizabeth Dennis 

Sue Cavanagh

Scott Butler

The Barber Shop - Guelph

Shirley Newell-McCraney

Blair Baldwin

Scott Baldwin

Jodi Phillips

Ray Hampton

April Weppler 

Norah Daniels 

Joseph St. Denis

Allan Sims  

Peter and Jill Gill

Isabel Swift

Drew and Bob Thompson

Morley and Bernice Millson