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Students Share Creative Talents with the Guelph Tool Library

The Guelph Tool Library has had a unique relationship with the Marketing Students at John F. Ross Collegiate Vocational Institute since before we opened.  Students and teachers have shared their time and talent to help us create some funny, interesting, and curious promotions over the years.

Our most recent endeavor was to create commercials for some of our most popular items.  Items included a button maker, chimney brush, small tool kit, sous vide with a heat sealer, and a rolling magnet.  The students broke into groups of three or four and had creative control to make the videos. The idea was for the students to have fun showing off the items and to promote the Guelph Tool Library.

We took all of the videos and mashed them up into a shorter version for a movie night we had in December at Bookshelf Cafe.  It was great to see the hard work of the students up on the big screen. You can check it out yourself here.

A special thanks to Tammy Watson and students in her Marketing Class for all their hard work.  We enjoyed the opportunity to work with the students and to provide an opportunity for them to gain some “real life” experience.  The partnership also highlights one of the themes that we like to promote at the Guelph Tool Library. We are surrounded by many great resources that are just waiting to be utilized!

John Dennis and Meredith Sweeney,

Guelph Tool Library Coordinators

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