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The Crow’s Nest #3: Pressed for Time Paninis and the Pandemic Produce Boxes

Ahoy hoy,

Glad to see you here for episode three! Today I’m talking to Jules and Dee from Pressed for Time Panini. Have you ever had a panini? Really, it’s just a thin, grilled sandwich. But somehow it’s nothing like a sandwich. Probably because it’s thin and grilled. If you haven’t had a panini, you’re missing out on something tasty. And if you haven’t had a Pressed for Time panini, not only are you NOT holding a thin and convenient chicken and avocado sandwich, you’re also not experiencing one of the greatest examples of a person-first business model that I’ve ever seen.

Jules and Dee are here for their patrons. Not only will they repost you every time you shout them out on social media, they’ll also make sure you’re staying comfortable and not at all worried about what you’ll be eating today. Breakfast? They have breakfast panini’s! Lunch? How about a panini, of course. Or some soup? Maybe chips or a snack. Dinner? Don’t worry, even though they’re only open until 3 pm, they’ve got supper served with mac and cheese, shepard’s pie, and lasagna. All homemade and ready to be warmed up and devoured. They even have beer deals with the local breweries. But if you’re not in the mood for take out, P4TP will support you with produce boxes, available every Friday for pickup.

Check them out here.

Listen here:

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