Tool libraries loan specialized tools for both experienced and inexperienced community members who are interested in repair, maintenance and building projects.

The Guelph Tool Library started as a project of Transition Guelph in 2016 and became an Incorporated Not-For-Profit Organization as of August 2019.

We provide access to a collection of tools commonly used in community agriculture and do-it-yourself construction projects for an annual membership fee ($60.00).

Local tool libraries reduce the costs of improving and greening neighbourhoods, thereby transforming homes and community spaces into vibrant places that reflect a commitment to sustainability and environmental concern. Over 100 tool libraries have been established in North America since 1979.

As a member of the Guelph Tool Library, members sign-out tools for both their home and community initiatives. Whether you are hanging a picture or renovating a community park, the Tool Library offers a range of equipment for your project as a low-cost, resource sharing and space-saving alternative to purchasing and owning tools.