We are looking to fill in a few new volunteer positions! Please contact us at info@guelphtoollibrary.org if you are interested in any of these positions or have any questions.

Librarian – We are looking for librarians to help with lending tools and taking returns. This is a 2 hour shift and the time or day will depend on the GTL’s need at a the given point in time.

Internet Seller/Trader – The GTL’s inventory is mostly comprised of donations.  Some of the items that we receive are either duplicates or items that we would not put into inventory.  We are looking for someone to sell/trade these items.  The person looking after this would use online sites such as Kijiji, Bunz, or Facebook Marketplace.  The goal would be to sell/trade items as they come into the GTL for items we can put into inventory or cash.

Finance Committee Chair –   The Finance Committee looks after budgeting, taxes, banking issues, and has the Grant Writing Committee report to it.  It currently lacks someone to chair it and to run regular meetings.   Currently, the Finance Committee is made up of John Dennis,  Janice Renshaw (Bookkeeper), James Seifried (Board Treasurer), and Emily Duncan.  The Bookkeeper looks after a lot of the day to day activities and does the monthly reporting and reconciliation.  The Board Treasurer looks at things from a high level and is not expected to do day to day activities.  The Treasurer is a CPA and a senior partner at RLB so can provide guidance on changing tax laws and other professional issues.   All the meetings are by Zoom and the time commitment would be about 1 hour a week.

Correspondence Writer – We are asked sometimes to write letters of support or reference.  Also, we regularly write newspaper articles about new programs or activities.  The Correspondence Writer would look after these requests and stories.  Items would be reviewed by a member of the Steering Committee.  Time commitment would be 2 hours/month.

Volunteer Committee Member / Chair – The volunteer committee looks after volunteer coordination for various events, librarian coordination, volunteer appreciation events, creating policies and procedures for volunteer, organizing training sessions for our volunteers and volunteer recruitment and retainment. The committee is currently made up of Saba Saneinejad and Emily Duncan. We are looking for someone who likes to join this committee as a chair or just as a committee member. The commitment is on average 2  hour/week but is variable every week depending on the current needs.

Good Call Volunteer Phone Fixer – The Guelph Tool Library will be launching the next round of the Good Call Program https://guelphtoollibrary.org/good-call/ in December and we will be looking for volunteers to help us pick up, sort, and repair cell phones. Don’t know how to fix a cell phone? We will be teaching a session on basic repairs. Cell Phone Repair Wizard? Excellent as we are hoping to fix and redistribute over 200 phones to local service organizations and charities.