We are located in the Guelph Tool Library, 55 Wyndham Street North (Old Quebec Street Shoppes), Unit T8, Guelph. We are currently operating online only, through our Facebook page.

What is a Seed Library?

A seed library is a collection of seeds where community members can “borrow” seeds. This means they take a package/or a number of seeds, grow them and save a similar quantity or more to give back to the seed library for the next year.

We understand that not all crops are successful so if we don’t get the same crop back that’s ok! We do ask that you donate some seeds that you have purchased or saved in return for the seeds you borrowed.

How to Participate

It’s free! But we do have some expenses, so donations are always appreciated.

Join our Facebook Group. We currently are not accepting seed requests through email or phone calls as our volunteer capacity to track them is very limited. We will be piloting a Google order form this year that people can use without a Facebook account. 

Donating seeds

We accept all non-gmo and non-treated seeds. If we receive hybrid seeds (these will not produce seeds that are the same as the parent), we will use those for workshops and seed swaps. The same goes for seeds saved where the saver is unsure about whether cross pollination occurred. These may still be put in the library with a “plant at your own surprise” tag. You could end up with a really cool crop!

Saving seeds

We hope to run a few information sessions every year so that new members have some basic training in seed saving. The most important thing to remember is to dry them well before putting in a plastic bag or jar. Beans, peas, kale, arugula, cilantro, dill, and parsley are some easy seeds to save. Let them go to flower, let the seeds form and dry then cut the stalks and put in large paper or plastic bags to shake the seeds out. You’ll need to dry them for a couple of weeks before putting them in a jar or sealed plastic bag. Remember to label them with the crop and date.

Please be aware that saving seeds from melons and squash are tricky if you are growing more than one variety (or your neighbour is also growing a different variety). Zucchini can cross with some winter squash too! You can look up cross pollination and how to avoid it on the internet or come to one of our information sessions to learn more!

Labelling your saved seeds

Please label your seeds with the crop name, variety if you know it, the year they were saved, and your name.



Thank you to everyone that has donated seeds to the Seed Library!!!