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Toolbox Drive for New Immigrants


Our friends at Immigrant Service Guelph-Wellington approached us about using our space to teach a course on Home Maintenance and to use our tools for some hands on demonstrations. We were happy to help them out and the classes started in early September.

The class is teaching newcomers to Canada about what type of tools we use, basic plumbing, electrical information, and what building materials we use here. It is also a fun way for the participants to familiarize themselves with some of our more obscure terms and expressions around home maintenance and tools. The course currently has 12 participants who attend classes at the Guelph Tool Library and at the Immigrant Services offices.

We are asking for you help in donating hand tools and helping us purchasing tool boxes to hold everything. Our goal is set up each of the participants with the basics to help out if they have to do some emergency repairs or just have something simple to do, like hang a picture. Do you have a spare hammer or some extra screw drivers hanging around? Then we want them. You could also donate $20 to buy a tool box.

Right about now you are probably thinking, “wait a minute, aren’t you a tool library? why don’t your just lend them tools?” Unfortunately, we are not open around the clock so we can’t always be there to lend out tools. Participants have all received memberships to the Tool Library so they can make use of our larger items such as table saws and cordless drills for some of the bigger projects they may be planning.

So please, take a look around for some unwanted tools (or even tool boxes) or donate some money to help these new Canadians out. Tools can be dropped off at the Guelph Tool Library during our opening hours posted on our website and our social media pages.

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